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MAFIA KING by Rachel Van Dyken ~ Review

There is no greater feeling than with only a few words being transported from reality into a fictional world that is so illustratively written that the author makes you feel as though you’re a part of this magical world she created because as they say in the mafia, blood in, no out, and that same sentiment applies to those of us who have been enraptured by this series.

Kartini, known as Tiny, and while she may be small in stature, on the outside she’s a wrecking ball of sassy and rebellious, and all of that makes the perfect mask for obscuring the parts of her that she’s not willing to let others see.

Tank, oh my starry days, this man, he’s growly, irritated, and a blend of deviant and sweet like only a mafia man can be because it’s not “normal” sweet, it’s mafia sweet.

Tank and Tiny’s chemistry is off the charts before they even lay a finger on one another, but add in some uneven ground and an offered arm, and 2 souls begin to intertwine forming an inextinguishable soul-searing connection.

Tank and Tiny are in a battle of wits, and push one another’s buttons like it’s their job, and it masterfully feeds the flame between them causing a combustible tension. They are all sorts of witty, flirty, and fiery which was as hot as it was amusing.

Mafia King is a novella that delivers soul-searing chemistry, an emotional punch, witty banter, suspense, steam, and 5 mob families that have a way of ensnaring you. Blood in. No out.

Rachel Van Dyken’s ability to weave words into an enthralling story is nothing short of wizardly. She ever so eloquently pulls you from reality with a few words and places you directly into the world she’s created, and not once are you released from that world until you’ve finished the very last word.

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