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#ReadingHusband Update

Although frequent updates can be found in my Facebook group, I thought I would start adding some here as well.

He has been reading the Lucas Brothers series by Jordan Marie, who is also one of the authors I am a personal assistant to.

I usually pick a series for him to read based on the trope, and this is one of my all-time favorite laugh out loud series.

These are laugh out loud, a lot of feels, and if it was possible to be adopted by a fictional family they would be my first choice.

The matriarch of the Lucas family is Ida Sue, and she’s got as many quirky layers as an onion.  She is all up in her adult children’s business and she has zero “Fs” to give.  She has opinions on everything and is ready to share them whether she’s asked to or not.  She’s been in a relationship with Jensen for years and there are many times she and Jensen are caught doing it on the kitchen table.

#ReadingHusband has been binge-reading this series. Well, sort of, he’s not like me that reads at least one book a day, but he has been reading them far more quickly than what is normal for him.

I love when he’s reading in another room and I hear him laughing hysterically at one of Ida Sue’s shenanigans.  He’s also figured out how to do kindle quotes so he’s taken to doing that and texting them to me.  It’s either a part that makes him laugh or something more on the steamy side.

Ida Sue offers TONS of unsolicited advice to everyone, now he’s trying to convince me that this fictional character’s life advice is brilliant and we need to implement them in real life.

Which means he’s been trying to convince me for a week that “spankings can help iron out difficulties.”  All sorts of useful tips like that.

I will be posting some updates from this point forward on here, but for more frequent updates, and sometimes video updates, please join my Facebook group.

**Please keep in mind that the group is for lovers of steamy romance.  You have to answer the questions to be added to the group.**

Would you like to read about this amazingly insane fictional family? 

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