BROKEN PLAYBOY by Laura Lee ~ Review

Broken Playboy was an emotional roller coaster; I was completely at the mercy of Laura Lee’s words, my heart was a pawn, my mind was engrossed inside the Windsor Academy world, but it was the promise of a happily ever after that shielded my soul from being destroyed by this heartbreakingly beautiful story. Sydney was effervescent, a little ray of sassy sunshine walking the halls of Windsor Academy. She was the perfect addition for this motley crew of my favorite Windsor Academy students, standing out in a sea of pretentious and catty jealousy-filled girls. Bentley wasn’t the fun-loving playboy he … Continue reading BROKEN PLAYBOY by Laura Lee ~ Review

FALLEN ROYAL by Rachel Van Dyken ~ Review

Fallen Royal isn’t something you simply read, you live inside the pages, transported into the Mafia Royals’ world, the blood oath, you feel it to the utmost degree, they bleed, you bleed, and when they hurt, it becomes ingrained in your soul. I am in some sort of in-between, part of me remains engulfed inside the pages, not ready to part with the world that has become my greatest love, my most precious fictional world, not because it’s all rainbows and sunshine, but because it’s not. Izzy is the daughter of Chase Abandonato, she’s unlike the other family, she has … Continue reading FALLEN ROYAL by Rachel Van Dyken ~ Review

SCORING BEAUTY by Alley Ciz ~ Review

Whoa, I wish I could give this 10 Motherpucking Stars Scoring Beauty delivers an abundance of laugh out loud witty banter, next-level sarcasm flows from every character, add in everything that is Ryan Donnelly, you have a top read of 2021, and a new favorite book boyfriend. Amara is a single mom, and I LOVED the relationship she had with her son, it was effortless for me to connect with her, as she shared a back and forth banter with her child that so closely resembled my own. She loved with everything she had, those in her circle were loved … Continue reading SCORING BEAUTY by Alley Ciz ~ Review

THE BONDS WE BREAK by Becca Steele ~ Review

The Bonds We Break pulls you deeper inside this world, and with gripping twists and turns holds you captive from start to finish. Cassius and Jessa’s story is an epically enthralling addition to The Four world. Jessa isn’t the same girl we met earlier in the series, trauma does that to a person, it ends who you were, and as time goes, you become a new version of yourself. In this case, Jessa is a shell of the mean girl center of attention she had been, she’s spent some time reflecting on who she was, and while she doesn’t know … Continue reading THE BONDS WE BREAK by Becca Steele ~ Review

#ReadingHusband Update

Although frequent updates can be found in my Facebook group, I thought I would start adding some here as well. He has been reading the Lucas Brothers series by Jordan Marie, who is also one of the authors I am a personal assistant to. I usually pick a series for him to read based on the trope, and this is one of my all-time favorite laugh out loud series. These are laugh out loud, a lot of feels, and if it was possible to be adopted by a fictional family they would be my first choice. The matriarch of the … Continue reading #ReadingHusband Update

GLASS HEART HERO by Lindsey Iler ~ Review

Every page of each book in this series pulls you deeper into the Glass Heart Academy world where the Glass Heart Boys live by a code that is first and foremost loyalty to one another no matter the cost. Delaney is every shade of fierce a survivor and a girl who runs when life is too heavy which I can relate to because I may not “physically” run but I do “run” straight into a book to escape into when I feel as though reality is too heavy to carry but when you catch the eye of one of these … Continue reading GLASS HEART HERO by Lindsey Iler ~ Review

How me having a book boyfriend has now become a threesome, one in the sheets and one in the pages.

In the summer of 2018, I was counting down the weeks to the release of a book. This was one of my favorite authors, so I repeatedly told my family they had to leave me alone on release day. The release day came, and I devoured those pages. Over the next few days, my husband kept making comments that sounded familiar, but I couldn’t figure out why. Then, on day 3, I realized he was saying stuff out of the book I had just finished. He saw how excited I was about the book, and he started it on his … Continue reading How me having a book boyfriend has now become a threesome, one in the sheets and one in the pages.