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SHATTERED LEGACY by Caitlyn Dare ~ Review


Caitlyn Dare never ceases to bring a mind blowing reading experience but this time they managed to obliterate my mind and my heart.

Shattered Legacy pulled me in the very first pages and from there I was at the mercy of all things in the Gravestone Elite world.

If you read Rebels at Sterling Prep then you have met Bexley but the Bexley in Gravestone isn’t the same person he was in Sterling Bay he just wants to keep his head down and make it through college but he soon realizes that this town is immersed in all sorts of nefarious activity and the woman he can’t seem to stay away from is swept up in the insanity of the town of Gravestone.

Mia is sweet and comes off as quiet as a mouse but this girl has fire inside of her. She has been pulled into a game she can’t win and more so she wants no part of it but in the town of Gravestone it’s not about what you want it’s about who you are.

The chemistry between Mia and Bexley happens instantly with an innocent touch and from there it’s propelled into the stratosphere because there’s nothing that was going to keep them apart even with the knowledge that there was a chance they might not make it out alive. This town is wrapped in a dark cloud of secrets, mystery, suspense, and pure evil.

The intensity of this introduction to the Gravestone Elite world was enthralling. I was glued to my seat and there was nothing that could have prevented me from reading this from start to finish in one sitting. As this story unfolded you are lost in a world where the fire between 2 people might be what burns the whole town of Greystone to rubble if they aren’t the ones who end up smothered by the flames.
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