EMPIRE OF SIN by Rina Kent ~ Review

⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️ Empire of Sin is the second book in Kent’s Empire Series, and if Anastasia and Knox’s story teaches us anything, it’s that each book in the series keeps getting better. Empire of Sin isn’t quite as dark as Kent’s other works, but it’s no less captivating. I was looking forward to not only Knox’s narrative but also Anastasia’s because they both left a trail of mystery in their wake after making appearances in prior books, but nothing could have prepared me for this gripping ride. Anastasia had lived her entire life within a bubble, for the sake of her … Continue reading EMPIRE OF SIN by Rina Kent ~ Review

THE INSIDERS by Tijan ~ Review

A brand new world created by Tijan and it’s nothing short of enthrallingly addictive. Bailey is thrust into a world she doesn’t belong, and she quickly learns that her expectations of what it was going to be like were far from reality. She’s intelligent, a bit sassy, quirky, and has an incredibly kind heart. Kash is a swelteringly hot alpha wrapped in endless mysteries, and the ability to share anything personal is encased in cement because this man has it all on lock down. Kash and Bailey’s connection is palpable from the very first time they meet, and it grows … Continue reading THE INSIDERS by Tijan ~ Review

SINFUL HEIR by Michelle Heard ~ Blog Tour

I have read every book in The Heirs series, Sinful Heir has set itself apart because this heir is nothing like the others. Tristan is full of darkness and sin, Hana is a shining light and innocent but once their eyes meet their souls begin to consume one another. Tristan is the reigning alpha hero of The Heirs world and I can’t imagine anyone being able to take that from him. He’s devilishly dark with sinful intentions that had me instantly head over heels in love. Hana is an embodiment of innocence with her own brand of sass. She isn’t … Continue reading SINFUL HEIR by Michelle Heard ~ Blog Tour

THE FINISH LINE by Kate Stewart ~ Review

I don’t know where to begin, I’m firmly seated in a place of awe-inspired and speechless after reading The Finish Line. I’m at a loss for words on how to explain this phenomenal book. I didn’t know what to expect but once I started reading it, it felt as though Kate had reached into my subconscious then went to work on creating this book that I didn’t know I needed but my heart did. Tobias was on the biggest most important mission of his life and for the first time he wasn’t in control but he was ready to fight … Continue reading THE FINISH LINE by Kate Stewart ~ Review