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SINFUL HEIR by Michelle Heard ~ Blog Tour

I have read every book in The Heirs series, Sinful Heir has set itself apart because this heir is nothing like the others.

Tristan is full of darkness and sin, Hana is a shining light and innocent but once their eyes meet their souls begin to consume one another.

Tristan is the reigning alpha hero of The Heirs world and I can’t imagine anyone being able to take that from him. He’s devilishly dark with sinful intentions that had me instantly head over heels in love.

Hana is an embodiment of innocence with her own brand of sass. She isn’t afraid to stand up and say what’s on her mind when she feels the need to. Everything that makes her, her, shines as a comforting light to those she meets, but nobody more so than Tristan.

For being so opposite they are without a doubt made for one another, she needed some of his dark to find her way in life, and he needed her light in order to always find his way back to himself before the dark consumed him.

Every aspect of Tristan and Hana’s story is full of nth degree intensity, their chemistry, his darkness, her light, every soul searing emotion will have you on the edge of your seat clutching your chest while you’re glued in place consumed by The Heirs world.

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