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THE INSIDERS by Tijan ~ Review

A brand new world created by Tijan and it’s nothing short of enthrallingly addictive.

Bailey is thrust into a world she doesn’t belong, and she quickly learns that her expectations of what it was going to be like were far from reality. She’s intelligent, a bit sassy, quirky, and has an incredibly kind heart.

Kash is a swelteringly hot alpha wrapped in endless mysteries, and the ability to share anything personal is encased in cement because this man has it all on lock down.

Kash and Bailey’s connection is palpable from the very first time they meet, and it grows more intense on every page. Every aspect of this story that kept me enthralled from start to finish because while Bailey and Kash’s relationship was a huge part of it there’s a lot more to this story. An array of secondary characters that are easy to love, and others that made me want to gouge their eyes out. Suspense with an air of mystery that will have you turning the pages with bated breath, and some heart shredding angst.

The Insiders had me enthralled in the first pages, and soon I was addicted, I couldn’t stop until I devoured every word. Kash and Bailey’s story is a flawless blend of intoxicating chemistry, an intelligent heroine, a protective alpha hero, a delicious slow burn, mystery, suspense, and angst.

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